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7/26/2020: Courses that have a waitlist in Workday are indicated via the W icon. When you click on it you will see a link to the documentation.

7/2/2020: We are pleased to release the fall 2020 schedule for Term 1 and Term 2.
Please note that section numbers will contain T1 or T2 followed by the standard section numbers such as 01, 02 or L01 or D01. All the sections that will be taught remotely will also have the word Remote in the section number.
For example, AFR 105-T1-01 refers to AFR 105 - 01 offered in Term 1 On Campus. BISC 227-T2-01-Remote is BISC 227 - 01 offered in Term 2 as a remote instruction section. ECON 199-01-Remote/ES 199-01-Remote is ECON 199 - 01/ES 199 -01 offered as a 15-week, full-semester remote instruction course. Contact the Registrar’s Office at if you need assistance.

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